What is an ICO?

An ICO or “Initial Coin Offering” is a sale of virtual “coins” or “tokens” to buyers who wish to purchase virtual currency in order to trade, hold as a digital asset, or use on the issuing company’s service network.

What does machine learning offer?

Machine learning gives professionals faster access to richer, more in-depth patient data; allowing them to quickly diagnose problems and offer solutions at scale. This all happens because the algorithms at work are constantly being fed new information which allows Opu AI to learn and improve.

Why is blockchain technology so important to the skincare industry?

The blockchain allows the data to be encrypted and highly secure, tamper-proof and robust, decentralized and freely accessed at scale. It also incentivizes those involved in the skincare industry to play an active role in our ecosystem by rewarding them with our native ERC-20 tokens: Opu Coins.

Which industry problem(s) are you addressing?

The skincare industry is a multibillion-dollar international business. However, most consumers get advice from unreliable sources: social media, friends, and product marketers. Everyone’s skin is different and yet despite the strong need, few consumers get advice from skincare professionals. The perception is that specialist consultations are “too expensive”, or for many, there’s no obvious locally available service.

What is Opu?

Opu is a suite of online tools designed to improve the quality, efficiency, and use of dermatological data. The aim of Opu is to provide a trustworthy platform and exchange of value for services among key participants in the skincare industry, specifically: patients, dermatologists, treatment centers, brand specialists, and product manufacturers.

What are Opu tools?

  • Opu AI leverages advanced machine learning technology to intelligently analyze, compare, and recommend treatment solutions.
  • Opu Search is a federated search platform that relies on patented technology to provide always-fresh treatment information from consumer skincare service providers and e-commerce partners.
  • Opu CRM is a customer support tool which includes image markup and patient tracking tools available to skincare service providers and qualified dermatology professionals whose markup output provides additional source material for Opu AI. In addition, the platform will integrate a marketing and ad stack for skincare brands to leverage.
  • Opu Coin (OPU) is the base currency for the skincare marketplace and for Opu loyalty programs.
  • Opu Connect is where the community can opt-in to research and product testing programs with skincare product manufacturers and researchers, and earn rewards.

Which technologies are driving these platforms?

Opu enhances the skincare ecosystem by effectively leveraging product and treatment efficacy data through a merit-based incentive system. The Opu tools, combined with cryptocurrency-based incentives, encourage participation of medical professionals, personal care professionals, skincare product providers and individuals. Opu Coin is one of the first skincare focused cryptocurrencies to employ a decentralized review platform to reward the constituents whose contributions benefit the community and to provide skincare professionals with technological services that expand their capabilities while simultaneously easing the patient load. This will be enabled through the use of Blockchain, AI, big data, search, image analysis, and e-commerce technologies.

Where are you located?

Our main bases of operation are in Silicon Valley, Tokyo, and Bangkok.

How can I find the whitepaper?

The whitepaper is available here

How can I find the one page overview ("one-pager")?

Our one-pager is available here

When does the ICO start?

Our Pre-sale has started and there is a 66.7% bonus until June 29, then on July 1st the bonus drops to 42.9%, then on August 1st the bonus drops to 25%, and then on August 8th the bonus drops to 11.1%. The Public sale begins on September 1st.

When does the ICO end?

The ICO ends on December 20th or earlier on reaching the hard cap of $20M.

What is the token name/ticker?

OPU (Opu Coin)

What is the total supply of tokens?

2,700,000,000 SFN or 2.7 Billion OPU

What wallets will be used for the token sale?

Internal ERC-20 compatible wallets and any legitimate Ethereum wallets (e.g. MyEtherWallet)

What is the token ICO price?

1 OPU = 0.02000 USD

What is the ICO soft-cap?


What is the ICO hard-cap?


Is there a minimum buying stake?

For the Pre-sale and Public sale, there is a 0.5 ETH minimum.

Is there a maximum buying stake?

No maximum buying stake, go wild!

Which currencies will you accept as a payment?

Through our partnership with Tokendesk.io, you can now purchase OPUs in fiat or in 63 leading cryptocurrencies including BTC and ETH.

Are US citizens allowed to purchase?

Yes, US citizens are allowed to purchase tokens. The token sale purchase is handled by our partner, Manhattan Street Capital and is SEC compliant. Go to https://ico.opu.ai to participate.

Are any countries citizens prohibited from participating?

Participation by residents of Japan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Crimea Region is prohibited. Residents of the United States of America must be accredited.

Are both institutions and individuals allowed to purchase?

Yes, both individuals and businesses

Which exchanges will Opu Coins be listed on?


Are the tokens distributed via an exchange?

No, tokens will be distributed through a smart contract and sent directly to your ERC-20 compatible wallet

What is the supported Opu Coin protocol?

Opu Coins will use the ERC-20 token standard.

Are the tokens burnable?


Are the tokens minable?


Is the token tied to a product usage, i.e. does it give the user exclusive access to it, or provide interaction rights to the product?

Yes. Opu coins are generated through the token creation events within the application.

Does the token grant a governance action, like voting on a consensus related or other decision-making factor?

No. Not directly. Opu Coin is being built using the ERC-20 standard allowing it to run on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Does the token enable the user to contribute to a value-adding action for the network or market that is being built?

Yes. Users are incentivized to contribute data to the platform in exchange for Opu Coins. Skin care professionals are also rewarded with Opu Coins for delivering services on the Opu Network.

Does the token grant an ownership of sorts, whether it is real or a proxy to a value?

Yes. An Opu Coin grants an ownership interest in the Opu Rewards Programs, which includes discounts on skin care procedures and savings on skin care products. Creating an account on the Opu Platform allows users to take a full control of their data and start generating Opu Coins through positive actions listed in our whitepaper available here.

Does the token result in a monetizable reward based on an action by the user (active work)?

Yes. Opu Coins are generated through their usage within the application. As Opu Coin is an ERC-20 token, rewards are not generated through the Proof of Work algorithms but rather through the Proof of Usage.

Does the token grant the user a value based on sharing or disclosing some data about them (passive work)?

Yes. Users can opt-in to skin care research programs by sharing pictures of their progress on the platform or by testing new products and contributing demographic data in exchange for Opu Coins. Crowdsale participants have the ability to opt-in to the Token Release Program by vesting tokens evenly over the course of 12 months in exchange for monthly bonus tokens.

Is buying something, part of the business model?

Yes. Users are able to purchase goods and services directly with Opu Coins. This includes both products and procedures listed on the platform by verified partners.

Is selling something, part of the business model?

Yes. Dermatologists and skincare professionals can list their services in exchange for Opu Coin. Retail distributors can list their products on the Opu Marketplace. Skincare brands can host research programs by incentivizing users to opt-in to the program in exchange for Opu Coins.

Can users create a new product or service?

Yes. Third party providers will have the ability to design and release their own custom solutions. Users will have the ability to share their data related to program success with the community.

Is the token required to run a smart contract or to fund, an oracle? (an oracle is a source of information or data that any other smart contract can use)

Yes. Opu Coin will be used as the principal payment unit when third party providers wish to access the data stored on the IPFS data farms. Opu Coin will be listed as a suggested method of payment when checking out using PayPal. Users have the ability to purchase up to $1,000 in Opu Coins directly within the application which monitors market movements on a 15-minute basis.

Is the token required as a security deposit to secure some aspect of the blockchain’s operation?

Yes. Users who wish to participate in the Token Release Program must agree to vest their initial stake over the course of 12 months in exchange for a monthly Opu Coin bonus. Coins are released evenly over the vesting period and only available to crowdsale participants.

Is the token (or a derivative of it, like a stable coin or gas unit) used to pay for some usage?

No. As an ERC-20 token, Opu Coin relies on ETH GAS to power all transactions.

Is the token required to join a network or other related entity?

Yes. An account must be created on the platform which generates a small amount of Opu Coins. Users will be unable to purchase goods or services without an Opu Wallet. Professionals will also be unable to list their programs without an Opu Wallet.

Does the token enable a real connection between users?

Yes. Users have the ability to track their progress and rate products they have used. Users are incentivized to contribute meaningful data as each review generates Opu Coins. The progression of a user throughout their skin care treatment program will provide meaningful data once the individual has reached their optimal skin level.

Is the token given away or offered at a discount, as an incentive to encourage product trial or usage?

Yes. Opu Coins are primarily generated through actions performed on the platform. Whereas good and services can be purchased, the creation of Opu Coins will be organically distributed as the community develops. Pre-sale participants are offered bonuses on their purchase but subject to vesting periods. Crowdsale participants can opt-in to the Token Release Program in exchange for future bonus tokens.

Is the token your principal payment unit, essentially functioning as an internal currency?

Yes. Whereas the Opu App will allow users to purchase Opu Coins using fiat currencies, all goods and services must be purchased with available Opu Coins in each user’s Opu Wallet.

Is the token (or derivative of it) the principal accounting unit for all internal transactions?

Yes. Data is monitored and tracked on a regular basis. Opu Coins that are distributed in the Token Release Program are properly accounted throughout the entire process including all ETH GAS fees incurred from token transfers.

Does your blockchain autonomously distribute profits to token holders?

Yes and No. Opu provides bonus tokens to Token Release Program participants, but not guaranteed profits. The price will be driven by community adoption and usage on the platform rather than by speculation.

Does your blockchain autonomously distribute other benefits to token holders?

Yes. The Token Release Program autonomously distributes bonus tokens on monthly intervals from the end of the contract opt-in period. Opu Labs plans to provide numerous rewards to ecosystem particpants. See the whitepaper for further details, available here.

Is there a related benefit to your users, resulting from built-in currency inflation?

Yes. Users opting in to the Token Release Program will have the benefit of increasing their position within the company while simultaneously being able to create Opu Coins by using the application. With a deep-rooted community, early-adopters will be encouraged to hold their tokens to stimulate demand on secondary exchanges. Only 6.5% of the total Opu Coin supply will be in circulation if Opu trades on a decentralized exchange.

How will the growth in supply be managed?

189 Million OPU will be distributed or made distributable through the website, or another exchange as per the allocations. The company reserves the right to distribute any coins in its reserve and treasury account on the open market.

What will happening to the unsold tokens?

All unsold tokens will go into cold storage.

Are there any pre-requisites before buying?

KYC on web, USA: Reg D/Reg S registrations

Where can I find the ICO Wallet (i.e. ico.opu.ai wallet)?

The ICO Wallet can be found on: https://ico.opu.ai/ or https://wallet.opu.ai/

Where can I find the Opu Wallet (i.e. opu.ai wallet)?

The Opu Wallet can be found on: https://opu.ai/

What's the difference between the ICO Wallet and the Opu Wallet?

Whereas both wallets will be linked to one registration email, the Opu Wallet (opu.ai) is the primary Utility wallet used to participate in the #OPUdrop and to receive your Try-Opu and other bonuses, and the ICO Wallet (ico.opu.ai) is strictly used to purchase Opu Coins in the ICO.

Will I be able to sync my ICO Wallet with the main Opu Wallet?

Yes, after successfully completing KYC.

How can I purchase Opu Coins?

Individuals who have passed a formal KYC process will be able to contribute to the crowdsale directly on ico.opu.ai. After completing a purchase, you will be provided with a transaction receipt via the email used to register on ico.opu.ai. Users can also track their contributions through the crowdsale dashboard.

What currencies do you accept?

Through our partnership with Tokendesk.io, you can now purchase OPUs in fiat or in 63 leading cryptocurrencies including BTC and ETH.

How do I send coins from the ICO Wallet to my personal one and vice versa?

Once the crowdsale has been completed, ico.opu.ai participants will have the options to send their Opu Coins to their Opu Wallet (opu.ai), contribute to the Token Holding Program, or withdraw to a personal Ethereum address of their choice. Users will have 90 days after the completion of the sale to transfer their funds out of the ICO Wallet (ico.opu.ai) before they are automatically transferred to the Opu Wallet (opu.ai).

Where can I get the ERC-20 compatible wallet?

There are multiple online wallets available out there. The most popular include MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, and others. Most exchanges provide wallets but we do not recommend keeping your coins there due to potential security issues.

What does "to ICO price discount" mean?

It means that all the discount prices (or stages) are calculated based on the final ICO price that is $0.02000.

Where will be Opu Rewards tokens stored?

All successful Opu Rewards campaigns will be distributed to Opu Wallet (opu.ai) addresses. Please note that these tokens will remain in the opu.ai wallet until we allow for withdrawals following the crowdsale. Users will be able to see their total balance on the profile section of the opu.ai site.

Where wll my referrals be distributed?

As with Opu Rewards payouts, all referrals will be distributed to the Opu Wallet (opu.ai). We encourage all participants to make sure they have access to the opu.ai site before signing up for ico.opu.ai

How can I get more rewards?

Please check our rewards page at: https://ico.opu.ai/rewards/