Welcome to Opu Rewards!

In order to help facilitate the growth of an organic community, Opu Labs will be distributing up to 120 Million OPU Coin via a tiered Bounty and Airdrop system. Opu Rewards will be strategically separated into a variety of segments to target both skincare and blockchain audiences.

In order to participate in the Opu Rewards program, please create an account on the mainpage of our website https://opu.ai/.

Once an account is created, users are eligible to participate in our 150 OPU Coin “Try-Opu” Segment.

Please note that only people completing their profile for the first time are qualified for this reward.

Opu Rewards Family

100% = 120,000,000 OPU
  • Segment #1: Portal Intro
  • 1.00 %


  • 8.33 %


  • Segment #2: Airdrop/Bounty
  • 25.00 %


  • 33.33 %


  • 20.00 %

    OPU AI Dermatology

  • Segment #3: Promotion
  • 9.17 %

    Brand Endorsement

  • 4.17 %


Steps to Receive Your First-Time Bonus

  1. User must have an active registered account with Opu
  2. Complete your skincare profile
  3. 150 OPU Coin balance will be updated after verification by the Opu Team.

After successfully completing your skincare profile, users are encouraged to refer their friends in exchange for earning an additional 100 OPU Coin per referral.

Referral Process

  1. User must have an active registered account with Opu
  2. Users must have completed the skincare analysis (image upload is required)
  3. Go to Referral section in the account page
  4. Generate a unique Referral link and share with your friends
  5. Referred friend must complete a skincare analysis. Once new user receives their “Try-Opu” reward, the original user will receive their referral (as well as bonuses for any other program your friend participates in).

After completing your skincare profile, users are encouraged to further interact with our Airdrop & Bounty Programs to earn additional OPU Coins.

Ambassador Rewards

Please note that in order to be eligible for Ambassador payouts, participants must be verified as an Ambassador via a direct email from social@opulabs.com. Opu Labs reserves the right to disqualify pay-out to Ambassadors if the contribution fails to meet quality standards or communicates false information.

Register to become an Ambassador: https://opulabs.typeform.com/to/CeSIOT

Ambassador PromotionsTotal AllocationBase Reward (OPU)
Blog Posts1,500,0001,000
Infographic Campaign70,000Prize Based

Once verified as an Opu Ambassador, eligible participants will be added to a private Opu Ambassador Telegram Group. In order to qualify for a payout, submissions must be recorded in the internal Opu Ambassador Spreadsheet (further details and access will be provided in the private Telegram group).


Promotional Descriptions

OPU AI Dermatology Reward

Are You a Qualified Medical Professional? Help Us Train Opu AI and & Earn OPU Coins!

Rewards will depend on how many images are completed and approved by the Opu Team supervisors.

Accepted Credentials:

  • Third year medical school resident
  • Licensed doctor
  • PhD, PhD candidate or other advanced science degree holder (subject to approval)

Steps to apply as a Qualified Professional

  1. Upload Proof of Qualification
  2. Complete Annotations on Opu.ai (1500 OPU per image)
  3. Introduce interested colleagues (250 OPU per referral)


Brand Endorsement Reward

Brands have the ability to endorse Opu in exchange for 10,000 Opu Coin. All interested brands will be required to fill out our Endorsement Application.

Steps to qualify for Brand Endorsement Program

  1. Fill out Endorsement Application
  2. Wait for review/confirmation from social@opulabs.com
  3. Upload proof of endorsement
  4. Share endorsement on other social channels


Translation Reward

Help Us Speak Your Language!

Opu Labs will reward participants for translating material into foreign languages. This program will respond on a first come first serve basis in which participants must apply for a particular language at the bottom of this post. If a language is claimed but not completed within a two weeks time period, it is once again opened to the public.

Applicants will work closely with the Opu Team to determine which material(s) should be translated first. We will seek and require peer review to verify quality for all submissions.

In order to apply for a language, please fill out our Translation Application:

Unfortunately, due to regulations in Japan, Japanese language documents will not be accepted.


Preferred Translations

  • Whitepaper : 10,000 OPU
  • Website: 5,000 OPU
  • Pitch Deck: 2,500 OPU
  • OPU Rewards: 1,000 OPU

After Completing Translations:

Users who successfully translate our documents are able to apply for Community Management positions in which they will set up and monitor Opu Telegram channels in their native language. (15,000 OPU per channel approved and created)